My Process

Each piece of

Irish Crystal Jewellery

is authentic, mouth-blown, hand-cut Irish Crystal made in Waterford City. No moulds are used. We pride in the fact that all our work is completely handmade. Our crystal is sourced from one of Ireland’s only remaining crystal manufacturers Heritage Irish Crystal, Waterford City where the World’s finest crystal is still made today.

We begin the creation of all our designs from solid blocks of Irish Crystal. Each crystal part is firstly cut to size, then rough and smooth shaped before we carefully apply the cutting pattern detail, and finally hand polished to bring out the brilliant sparkling effect of authentic, mouth-blown, hand-cut Irish Crystal.

Our sterling silver chains are all individually handmade to our specifications and using our very own handmade findings. The hallmark tag identifies our brand and is hallmarked in Dublin Castle Ireland. When chain construction is complete all our finished chains are individually hand polished to bring out the brilliant sparkle in the silver.

When we get to the final stage where we attach the crystal parts to the sterling silver chains, the process can have taken hours to complete. Because we use only authentic Irish crystal, the finest crystal in the world, hand make all our parts both crystal and chains, we can never be copied by machine made manufactures. Our designs are bespoke, individual, no two pieces of Irish Crystal Jewellery are the same totally unique a new standard in jewellery and a new way to experience Irish Crystal.